Useful Links

Major Societies  

Mineralogical Society of America
Rocky Mountain Federation
Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

Club-member Dealers

C&C Forrester
Lehigh Minerals
Rockpick Legend Co.



Brent Thorne’s  Photos on MinDat
Dave Richerson’s Photos on Mindat
Joe Marty’s Photos on Mindat
Curt Forrester’s Photos on Mindat

 Webmineral Database

Other Gem and Mineral Clubs

Beehive Rock and Gem
Golden Spike Gem & Mineral Society


Mineralogical Record
Rocks and Minerals
Rock & Gem

Other Publications  and Resources

Am. Museum of Natural History
Bob’s Rock Shop
Classics from the American Mineralogist
Fabre Mineral Forum (FMF)
The Quartz Page
United States Geological Survey
Utah Geological Survey
Utah Geology
Utah Mine Locations
Utah Mining


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