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  1. Proposed Gold Hill Field Trip, March 11, 2017

    I plan on going and leading a trip to Gold Hill on March 11, 2017. However, at this time I have received very little confirmation or interest. If I don’t get at least a small group of people, the trip will most likely be canceled.

    So, please let me know by end of day Thursday, March 9 whether you would like to attend. I’ll let you know shortly after whether it is a go. Thank you.

    Andrew Turner

  2. Field Trip, Saturday, October 15, Milford Area:

    Kenton has graciously volunteered to lead a field trip on Saturday, October 15. Here is the info via Kenton:

    We will be going to West Springs on Saturday October 15 to dig for Ludwigite, Calcite rhombs, Garnets, and Specular hematite and small samples of bladed hematite with epidote attached! We will meet at 9:30 at the old Milford Hotel just as you enter town on the west side of the street. It is best to leave around 6:30 to be on time! This is a great place for kids to collect as well as adults! You will need the usual equipment such as a rock pick and a chisel but not much else. Let’s hope the weather holds out!! Any one wishing to go please email me at!!!

  3. MCU Field Trip, May 28, Gold Chain Mine, Mammoth, Tintic Dist., UT

    MCU will be hosting a field trip to the Gold Chain/Sioux Ajax Mine, Mammoth, Tintic/Eureka, UT. This field trip is dependent on getting permission which we have always been approved (and will let you know if we are not). We will be meeting at the LDS Church parking lot in Tintic at 9am. The parking lot is on the south side of the main road into Tintic and is on the far west part of the town across from the school. The good news about the trip is that any car can easily make it, although we do encourage carpooling. Also, it is fairly family friendly (a few areas have some old mining equipment—glass and metal). We went to this area a few years ago and had good success. I found a few specimens with gold as well as some unique copper minerals. The good thing about this trip is that these mines have both macroscopic pieces as well as micro stuff. There is considerable azurite, enargite, conichalcite, aragonite, brochantite, clinoclase, olivenite, adamite, etc. as well as some of the rarer micro things (mcalpinite, eurekadumpite, gold, etc. etc.). Last time we even found some cuprite and cyanotrichite.

    Because we needed permission to do this trip, we need to get a fairly accurate count of the number of people going. Please RSVP to me with the number of people in your group by May 25. Also, this trip is only open to club members, immediate family, and some select friends due to the nature of the trip. Thank you.

  4. MCU Field Trip to Gold Hill, UT/NV

    Saturday, March 26, 2016
    Meet at the Chevron Station in Wendover at 9 am to carpool to Gold Hill (about an hour from Wendover)

    This is one of the top mineral locations in the US if not the world. Tremendous amount of copper, arsenic, sulfides, etc. to be found on the dumps. Family friendly trip as well.

    I have posted more detailed info about this location in the announcements from last year.

    We probably need someone to volunteer to help lead the trip as I do not know if I will make it. Thank you.

  5. Was there last year to hike lower red canyon. Lost the road when it climbed onto the white cap rock on top the red entrada beds, other dead ends were discovered, eventually we found our way. When I saw Rock and Minerals article, their photo was from the same bench of cap rock. I had coincidentally taken a photo of the same view. And had picked up a few geodes from under the ledges on the edge. Best I’ve seen yet. Good luck. Call me, Tom Wyman, @ 385-375-1871, if you have any questions(you probably know the place well already).

  6. We did this trip last year and found somewhere around 40 red beryls as well as some nice topaz. I will take people to the red beryl zone but also branch off to find some other interesting stuff. I welcome people familiar with the surrounding area to help as well in looking for other interesting things nearby.

    Items to bring on the trip:
    rock hammer
    sledge hammer
    rock splitter
    gad/breaker bar
    small bags, boxes, etc. for storage
    toilet paper/towels
    screens (#8 and #4 best for red beryls)

    Just remember, it is pretty steep with not great footing and what you take up has to come down. Work together.

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